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There are a number of noteworthy sustainability projects on Whidbey Island. Below are a few Spotlight Sponsors for the SHOP LOCAL Coupon Book that offer programs worth mentioning:

Natural Resource Stewardship at Greenbank Farm

Greenbank Farm takes seriously our commitment to be responsible nature resource stewards. We recognize that environmental stewardship is a necessary part of sustainable agriculture, commerce, and recreation - all areas of focus identified for us by the community.

Our Organic Farm School is a 7.5 month residential program with a goal of helping to train a new generation of eco-farmers, allowing them to quickly establish successful small farms that will become the foundation of the growing locally-based food system. Food raised by the students enters the local food system through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, donations to local food banks, selling to local restaurants, and a work-trade program.

In conjunction with our new organic seed development project in the Organic Farm School, we are also strengthening our weed management plan in ways that make life harder for non-native weeds, but encourage the native plants that are so important to the birds and insects that pollinate our crops.

The Farm rests at one of the lowest and narrowest parts of the Island, with water not only all around us, but frequently all over the surface. That's why we have begun a stormwater management program that will ultimately include several rain gardens, a water catchment system, and educational signage about best management practices near water and wetlands.

Come visit our WSU Master Gardener Educational Gardens, check out our Organic Farm School, and go birding along our wonderful trails. We think you'll soon understand why at the Farm, we see ourselves as PART of the environment, not separate from it.

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